Here is Some Place Else
Digital video with stereo audio
German language with English subtitles
Duration: 28:10 mins

Here is Some Place Else is a short documentary film that unfolds the social and personal narratives hidden in landscape, exploring as it does lost places, the idea of home, and the echo of memory. It was filmed in late 2022 and early 2023 near a lignite surface mine in Saxony (Germany), in the kitchen of a family home, and in the collections department of a national museum.

The film uncovers piece-by-piece the disappeared village of Tzschelln, evacuated and demolished in the late 1970s to make way for the surface mine. It centers around a series of audio interviews, firstly with a brother and sister who spent their childhood in the village and secondly with key staff from the museum, and juxtaposes these conversations with images of the landscape today, and with numerous existing markers of memory. As such the film navigates between the material and immaterial.

Here is Some Place Else as documentary film is itself an additional document in this catalogue of remembrances.

This work was made possible through the financial support of a ‘NeuStart Kultur’ stipend from Stiftung Kunstfonds (Bonn, Germany).