The Citizen was made in response to a text selected by the Embassy of Ireland in Germany, for their online exhibition ︎︎︎Ulysses Expanded. The work updates the public house situation where Leopold Bloom encounters the Citizen, presenting a contemporary space where exchange on the political and social issues of the day now take place. It also responds to Joyce's characterisation of the Citizen and to the mythic archetype of the Cyclops. As the unseen protagonist progresses first through a half-blurred social media landscape, and then through fragmented video images of recent social unrest, the hand gestures seem stilted and out of sync with the phones activity: it is unclear whether it is the protagonist's hand or the device's singular large 'eye' that are leading this procession.
Reader: Turlach O’Broin
The Citizen 2021
HD video with stereo audio
Duration 3:28 mins