The multi-media work centred on a reading, and considered various supernatural tropes in attempting to meditate upon death and mourning, the ontology of illusions, individual belief systems and subjectivities. The work included a collective séance experiment enabled by an audio recording of a 18.98 Hz sine wave, based upon research into the 1998 paper “The Ghost in the Machine” (Tandy/Lawrence) from the “Journal of the Society for Psychical Research”. The Ghost of an Image was first performed at The Drawing Room, in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. It was later performed in a modified version as an internet-radio event for insitu, Berlin, Germany.
The Ghost of an Image
Spoken word performance; incorporated an additional digital audio element and a series of 3 screen prints
Duration ca. 45 minutes

(Images: The Drawing Room/IADT-DL)