In It's Just a Shadow Away, two actors work to recreate three scenes from Andrei Tarkovsky's 1972 film Solaris, portraying dialogue between the protagonist Kris and the ghost of his dead wife Hari. The actors work in the original Russian, a language of which the have no prior knowledge and that they approach via a specially created phonetic script. The work explores the surface materiality of video and of bodies, hauntings, reference systems, trauma, and the pursuit of emotional verisimilitude by actors. This work was first exhibited at Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin for the solo exhibition this brief visual pattern. It was subsequently exhibited at Galway Arts Centre for the solo exhibition Beyond Other Voices, and screened at Stedefreunde gallery and GlogauAIR, both Berlin, Germany.
It's Just a Shadow Away
HD video with stereo audio
Duration 9:30 mins

Exhibited alongside a printed script

Actors: Anna Schmidt & Stefan Kriekhaus
Camera: Julia Kapella
Editing: Steffi Niederzoll
Translation: Alexander Filyuta
Production & Direction: Ciarán Walsh

Below: documentation of a screening
(Screening  image courtesy of Stedefreude gallery)