4K UHD with stereo audio
(Work in Progress)

This work examines the spatial qualities of Berlin’s Schlesischer Busch park in conjunction with its historical and socio-political layers, by exploring of the aesthetic relationship to landscape in the German Romantic tradition as well as through the use of magical realist and paranormal narrative tropes. In the work, the park as narrative space is threaded through by a semi-fictional history of place – presented as a catalogue of uncanny vanishings – that resonate from the 16th Century to the contemporary period. As recently as 2020 a man of Senegalese migrant-background was mysteriously found dead in the adjacent canal, with an allegation put around that his death had occurred subsequent to his questioning in the park by the police. As much as Vanishings is a kind of sketch of place, the work is also a mediation on the act of storytelling itself – what is added in, what is aligned, and what is cut out.

This work was produced in the context of a residency at ︎︎︎The Watch (Berlin), and received financial support from Carlow County Council’s Individual Arts Act Grant.