The Elements of the Picturesque
4K UHD with stereo audio
Duration: 7:40 mins

In this work I explore Berlin’s Schlesischer Busch park, and compose on screen a highly abstracted, discursive space. The park as narrative space is threaded through by a history of place but also by two specific documents and one object: a book by William Giblin about an exemplary landscape garden in England; a Claude glass – a small black-tinted mirror used by Romantic-era artists and travellers to attune the act of looking; and lastly a poster that was recently hung around the park after a man of Senegalese migrant-background was found dead there. As much as it is a kind of sketch of the place, the work is also a mediation on the act of storytelling – what is added in, what is aligned, what is cut back and what is cut out.

This work was produced in the context of a residency at ︎︎︎The Watch (Berlin), and received financial support from Carlow County Council’s Individual Arts Act Grant.