4K UHD with stereo audio
Duration: 5:23 mins

Location, is a structuralist examination of narrative in moving image and an exploration of history of place: in this case Berlin’s Schlesischer Busch park. Navigating the park within the visual contexts of the Romantic-era notion of landscape gardening (the approximate era of the parks founding), the work also makes prominent use of paranormal tropes: the narrative space is threaded through by the suggestion of a more esoteric history. The background to the work is the drowning of a man of Senegalese migrant-background in the adjacent canal in unclear circumstances, with the canal itself once part of a conflictual political border between East and West Berlin. Location, while presenting the results of landscaping, is also a mediation on gestures of storytelling, both artistic and socio-political – what must be created, arranged, directed, and cut out.

This work was begun in the context of a residency in 2021 at ︎︎︎The Watch (Berlin), and produced during a period of financial support from Carlow County Council’s Individual Arts Act Grant, and the Arts Council’s Agility Award.