Part of an ongoing body of work which examines allegory in the representation of nature, in conceptual relation to the tradition of German Romanticism.

Cuttings (2021), is a close up photograph of a freshly trimmed assortment of nettles and other greenery generally considered to be harmful or unwanted. Walsh addresses the implicit value judgement that has left these plants discarded, while other plants presumably continue to live and grow uninterrupted. These cuttings are a metaphor for being displaced or socio-politically unwanted, and convey the violent act that occurred unseen. We look at this routine moment of gardening from a shifted perspective as the image lacks depth, its sits flat with the familiarity of a floral wallpaper with an emphasis subtly shifted. The stillness and lack of context suggests that these nettles may find their societal value once again, perhaps in a tea, or as a medicinal salve.”
Unframed inkjet photographic print on archival paper
(Image courtesy of STUDIO BETA)