They Echo in the Sublime Stillness of Infinity was a browser-based artwork commissioned by LA-based online gallery Light & Wire Gallery, run by curator ︎︎︎Gladys-Katherina Hernando. Based upon onsite research at the former Ethnographic Museum in Berlin-Dahlem, as well as historical research into the Herero genocide (1904-8) in present day Namibia, the work communicated an ever-changing uncanny narrative that was composed from a randomised array of text fragments, location photographs and archival images. The title comes from a quotation attributed to an unnamed German soldier at the time of the genocide: "...the death rattle of the dying and the shrieks of the mad...they echo in the sublime stillness of infinity."
They Echo in the Sublime Stillness of Infinity
Browser-based artwork

(Image courtesy of  Light & Wire Gallery)