A body of work from the period 2007-2010, representing an artistic inquiry into the biography and life-energy theories of psychologist and pseudo-scientist Wilhelm Reich. The research and artwork was based upon the designs for life-energy manipulation and esoteric healing methodologies promoted originally by Reich but also more recently by online communities of esoteric practitioners. The works explored belief systems, aspects of the bodily, notions of transcendence and energetic transference, and the duality between the material and immaterial.
Clockwise from top-left:
Plastic and enamel-painted aluminium, plastic tubing, raw sheeps wool, steel wool, wood, framed pencil drawing

Isolated Element (Receptor)
Enamel-painted aluminium, wood, plastic tubing

Enamel-painted aluminium, plastic tubing, raw sheeps wool, steel wool, wood, tin cups

Prototype I
Wood, copper pipes and fixtures, plastic tubing

An Irregular Pulsation
Drawings and text on inkjet prints, painted wood

Accumulating Elements
Painted wood, acylic glass fixtures

(Images courtesy of Project Arts Centre, VISUAL – National Centre for Contemporary Art, Kilkenny Arts Week, Mother’s Tankstation, and Hotel Ballymun)